Al Jolson UK Festivals


The George Cross Island

On behalf of the Maltese members and the rest of the 'World-Wide Area' members.  Wish you all and your families a very prosperous 2013.


During the month of December 2012 I spent 64 hours doing the part of Father Christmas in Paola where I live at 'The Mainstreet Shopping Centre' and in the main  streets in Valletta our capital city. 


I passed to Mr Paul Fenech a member of 'Republic Street Shopping Committee' a Jolson CD containing 'White Christmas' and 'Christmas Dreaming.'  These songs and more others from the same CD where played through a public system loudspeakers which where installed in Republic Street in Valletta.  I myself and other members of our society listened to Jolson's songs.


On Sunday, December 23, 2012 this year's Christmas Buffet Lunch was held at The Waterfront Hotel were 35 guests where present.  Including society's members, their relatives and friends