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Jolson Night update 24th March 2013

O.K. as promissed here is the program for my Jolson night to be held on 25th May.

The Jolson movie will be "Go Into Your Dance" supported by "The Merry Monahans" the story of a vaudeville family and starring Donald O'Connor, Peggy Ryan and Jack Oakie.

This is a very rare movie - O'Connor even does a Jolson imitation.

Anyone interested in attending can contact me on 08-8254-9424, or mobile 0496-16972 for more information.

I am located in Adelaide, South Australia


Allen D.

I'd like to advise that arrangements have just been finalised for my next Jolson show to be held on 25th May.

Anyone travelling to God's country (and if that is not a song for a song cue I never heard one) Australia of course, then you would be most welcome to attend.

Full details will be posted when the event is closer.


Allen D.