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Hollywood Classic Tours

Tour Director Doug Galloway is a native of Los Angeles who spent two decades serving as a journalist for the most famous Hollywood trade paper of all time, Daily Variety. Having helped cover the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and myriad celebrity functions, Doug brings a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge to his tours, elevating them to the level of a college history course on wheels — except a lot more fun! Ever the raconteur, Doug's personal stories and observations about numerous celebrities he's encountered always make for an entertaining tour.

For those of you in the UK that do not know of Doug, let me tell you that he is a long time Al Jolson fan and the ONLY one of us to ever become a long term personal friend of Al Jolson's late widow Erle Jolson Krasna. Doug was also my special guest via Internet at the Al Jolson UK Festival 2012 where he shared his memories of Erle with us. I am sure that Doug will give a very warm welcome, and look after any UK Jolson member that takes his tours.

To visit Doug's website and find out more about his Hollywood Tours click here

The International Al Jolson Society

The website for information on Al Jolson is THE place to visit to find out about The Worlds GREATEST Entertainer. Click here to be taken to the International Al Jolson Society website

Andrea & Jens Site

We create independent documentaries. All of our projects deal with filmtheater, and literature in one way or another. Our two major documentary projects are intimately connected with Jewish history and culture.

We both met each other at the University Of Kiel in 2003. Sharing lots of interests, we attended several workshops and congresses together. In 2005, we were able to produce our first non-professional film project with "The Fracture Guild of Schönhorst".

Shortly after that we came across the legendary entertainer Al Jolson, and we developed the idea for a professional independent documentary project: "On the Road to Al Jolson".

Click here   to be taken to the site of AJ Images

Richard Halpern

For those of you that have had the pleasure of seeing Richard perform at the US Al Jolson Festivals you will know what a wonderful entertainer he is. Richard is well known not only for his singing of Al Jolson songs mostly from the early Jolson songbook but also for singing all of the songs from the Jazz Age of the 1920s and 1930s.

Richard blew me away at the 2010 Jolson Festival in Milwaukee when he sang a special request from Dolores Kontowicz who was in the audience that night. She requested Rockabye and Richard sang it brilliantly including verses that I had never heard before.

Take a look at the website of the talented Mr Tin Pan Alley - Richard Halpern click here.

Paul Revere Williams - the architect who designed and built the Al Jolson memorial

Many of you will have seen pictures of the magnificent memorial that marks the final resting place of Al Jolson, and many of you will have visited the site in person. The following link will take you to the website dedicated to the architect Paul Revere Williams the man that Erle Jolson commissioned to design and build the memorial.

Click here to be taken direct to the page about the building of the memorial

Bill Campbell

Popular entertainer Bill Campbell performs at the Jolson Festivals in the UK and also in the USA

Click here to visit Bill's website where you can learn more about Bill's entertainment activities

Clive Baldwin

Clive Baldwin, billed as The Worlds Greatest Minstrel has been recreating the music of Al Jolson all of his life. Not just recreating the music but singing it in a voice uncannily like the great Al Jolson himself.

Click here to visit Clive's website where you can hear the wonderful voice of Clive singing Jolson songs and where you can find out  all you wish to know about The Worlds Greatest Minstrel